Jay Voice is a fast rising gospel artist from the southern
part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state, precisely. He is the CEO of
Jay Voice Music Ministries. He also doubles as the Director
of The 100 man mass Choir that hosts one of the biggest
gospel concerts in south south popularly know as Raise De

Jay Voice and his team members (Jay Voice minstrels) is
Peculiar at creating soft rock gospel songs, powerfully
inspired by the Holy spirit.
This award winning Gospel artist is back again with another
great song titled ‘’ ONYEOMA ’’ in addition to few others he
had released recently, to include; sosongo(currently being
aired on local and nat ional TV stations) , you go make am,
and the trending my Ebenezer.
ONYEOMA is a song of worship and praise to the God of
heaven. This song is born out of Jay Voice’ gratitude to God
for His marvellous good works in his life and the the life of
believers all over the world.
Onyeoma is an Igbo word which draws our attention to how
Good our God is.

Jehovah there is no one like you (4x)
Onyeoma meh eh
Onyeoma me eh eh
Onyeoma meh
There is no one like you.
Verse 2
Jehovah odironyedikagi (4x)
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 3
Jehovah kosénitodabire (4x)
(Repeat chorus)
Verse 4
Jehovah ibàhàsiba nta’fo (4x)
(Repeat chorus)
Jehovah okoñg akañ enyong ye isong,
Jehovah okoñg akañ (2x)
(Repeat chorus)
Jehovah is your name (2x)
Mighty warrior
Great in battle
Jehovah is your name.

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