The song “Abducted School Girls” came from a deep empathy for Leah Sharibu and other abducted school girls in Boko Haram captivity for many days now.

The song appeals to the captors, tells the story of LEAH SHARIBU’s plight, demands for their release and assured of relentless campaign until they are released.

Jay Piper took up the challenge to be the voice of these ABDUCTED SCHOOL GIRLS when he waited for the big music artistes to speak up or do something for the captured girls but none of them was doing anything so he decided to take up the responsibility despite not have the publicity and funds to do it. He completely depends on God and good spirited individuals like you to make the song get to the appropriate groups and individuals.
This song is not done for any commercial purpose,be free to get it and share it till it gets to the captors of our dear abducted school girls.

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