Singer and talented upcoming music star BABA RICHIE SLEEM , a thorough bred Akwa Ibom born Nigerian Afro crooner is out with another hit single “” NSIDE?” Produced by G. Idea.

The inspiration behind the track is traced to the way people, families, leaders, political office holders, religious clerks and the government behaves today.
It is deceitful how the government of today and other rife leaders empowered the children and the youths not with vocations but with weapons, causing our light to cast Shadow.
Nside? Is a fine blended Afro put together by Baba Richie and is laced with English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Annang native languages. Nside lyrics lines is asking a question to know “Why the ways of a man is full of illusion in the dark with lightening flares of random aim on track?
Why some are forming like Tesus and Allah with confusion.
The assurance that the negative actions of our leaders will give negative result is one reason Baba is asking this question WHY on this track ” NSIDE? “.
How leaders divert funds that supposed to be used by the masses inflate reasons for NSIDE track.
Some of our political leaders think that ABUJA IS FAR THAN HEAVEN, forgetting that when the reality will come in to play that ABUJA AND ALL THEIR HIDEOUT WILL BE NEARER AND OPEN THAN THE HELL.
Respect large to everyone who treat others like themselves. Be Real Always…. BRA, Richie Sleem Say So.

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  1. Wow,that was a nice bit coupled with the native tongue, awesome,but you need to work on your voice a little.more grace brother.

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