*The economy is tight, yet people are still buying cars. People are opening new businesses. People are building new houses, How?*

 *Stop complaining!* Government alone is not the answer. *You are the driver of your own destiny.* I have never seen anytime in the history of the human race when there are no hard times. *Yet people made waves and affected their generation.*

If you see anybody complaining, then you see a frustrated lazy man or woman looking for cheap answers and solutions.

*Nothing in life will ever come easy.* I believe what we need at this period is the drive to push until victory comes.

*_Many successful people had tried one thing or the other before they became successful._*

“I Have Never Seen A *RICH Person* Who Has Never *lost Money.* But I Have Seen A Lot Of *POOR People* Who Have Never *Lost A Dime”*

—Robert Kiyosaki-

“The *Primary Difference* Between The *RICH* And The *POOR* Is How They *Handle FEAR* in Investment.”

—Robert Kiyosaki.

 *Have a Positive mindset about investment.* You can *NEVER* Be Rich If You Are *TOO SCARED Of TAKING A STEP.*

*SALARY* alone can not solve your money problems. *You need Secondary Source of Income to balance.*

*SALARY* is the *MEDICINE* for managing *POVERTY, it doesn’t CURE it.* *Only your BUSINESS or INVESTMENT can cure Poverty.*

 *_BE FINANCIALLY  Intelligent TODAY!_*

_Antatica ukoima


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