I write from a very passionate position about the state and status of primary Health Care Nurses in the ongoing training and posting of our colleagues from UUTH and secondary health institutions to strategically man ,manage and take care of boundaries, health facilities and patients during this pandemic.

The question that begs for an answer is, why are we, in the PHC marginalized, neglected and treated as if we are not important in the schemes of things. As I checked through the list of those nurses trained and posted, (supplied by the AKS, HMB) no Nurse from any LGA was picked.

Another interesting thing is that nobody seems to be bothered to raise a voice or ask why? We’re the people facing the flame of this ailment directly bcoz, we deal with the grassroot patients and we remain the first set of health workers they will meet before referrals. Shouldn’t we be trained on how to protect ourselves , to know how to handle cases like this in our facilities, etc. I just believe that staff at the PHC, should be well equipped on the know -how and technicalities of the corona.

Enough of all these postings on this platform that are frivolous, untrue, jokes , bizarred and visionless. I thought this platform was meant for medium for our collective struggle towards achieving our common aspiration and goal. If we don’t have anything serious to say here please, administrator, extinct this platform or better still, blot out my name from the list.

Not all may want to be trained but that recognition as nurses from the Local govt extraction is of paramount importance. I’m told money would be given to those trained and sent out, should we not be part of the state and national cakes.. Please , let’s ask relevant groups, unions, associations, AKPHCDA, NANNM, FOLGNM why are we not carried along. What have we done to deserve this treatment. We’re all nurses from the same stock.

Comrades, another challenging issue that bothers my mind since this pandemic arrived AKS is this: almost all the organizations, groups unions, associations even churches (needless to mention health bodies like, NMA, PSN), and NANNM (from other states) have contributed their mites to health facilities and govt towards alleviating the suffering and hence showcasing the group (s) to the govt and the public.

I care to ask, “what are we doing as nurses, a whole professional body come trade union to show our support and care so that the government and the public will cut cap for us tomorrow. The world is keeping records of donors. Mbak mkpong !! Few bottles of sanitizers and pieces of face masks are OK for now if not for all, for very few hospitals and Operation Base of the P. H. C.s.. Let’s contribute our quota especially in times like this. I’m just thinking aloud oo mbok.

Aniefiok Akpan, immediate past PRO of NANNM AKS Council.

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