I don’t really know the reason most girls go into relationships. Some gets into relationship to get money from her guy just to look like her fellow friends, make hair, buy make-up, buy phone, shoes and become a happening babe in town, etc. To that, I ask; what happens to your parents? I feel parents should take care of their female wards till the point she either gets a job or finds a man of her dreams. If your parent can not afford you luxuries, be satisfied with what they can offer.
With time and hard work you will get there.

If you find a guy, don’t look into his pocket, look into his future. Help him achieve his dreams by words of encouragement, standing by him, bringing up good ideas. I tell you, both of you will succeed.

To our guys out there, show her you have a bright future, work hard, use that knowledge God has given to you, give her the reason to stay, even when you do not have much at the moment, tomorrow is always a great day.

A lady once gave her husband money to pay for her pride price, nobody knew it was the woman’s money, they all thought it was the man’s, but today the man is listed among the bigwigs in Nigeria.

Let love lead, prayers should always be the key, God will always be there for you.

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