Reason with me
If i no get today
I go get am tomorrow
You know the song right?
While in a traditional wedding of a friend, the DJ
played the song. A lady who sat at my far right said
that some men are using this song to get some
ladies to stay with them in their ‘broke’ time.
For her, no one can scam her with that o. If e no
get money she no go marry am.
Me that can’t stand some thinking went to work
immediately. I had to present another perspective I
believe she has never heard before.
‘I might not know your definition of broke. But
brokeness is in levels. He might not have those
things you classify as ‘doing well’ but in few weeks
or years, those things can suffice.
Also, your husband can never satisfy all your needs/
wants. He might not be able to give you the
lifestyle you envisage even with all the money. So,
you don’t get married and rely on him to satisfy your
every needs except you have never framed the life
you want to live in your imagination’.
She shook her head in acceptance and I sat well.
Like I was done with my job.
Dear sister,
I know you want a life full of luxury. But you don’t
enter into marriage with loads of expectations so
you don’t get disappointed when things don’t go the
way you expected.
There are three channels in marriage:
There is a vacuum only God can fill. There is a
vacuum only your spouse can fill and there is a
vacuum only you can fill and you must never mix
these up.
That’s why It’s adviced that no lady should lose her
individuality cos of marriage so she would be able
to interpret her feelings.
Have you heard a man complain bitterly over his
wife not being satisfied? Many times, unsatisfaction
comes from the place of emptyness.
It is not late to look inward. Satisfy your inner man
before you accept another.




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