Celebrating 45 years of Awesomeness😎

Many years from now, it will be written, that in the year of Corona Covid-19, when Nature Udoh turned 45 years of age. He arose in the wee hours of the morning with his family and went out to the temple built on top of the mountain where his ancestors worshipped and cried unto the God of his fathers saying; O Lord my God! Thank you for bringing me thus far.

Nature Udoh didn’t go to the mountain top empty. He carried with him, two life cows, fourteen he-goats, twenty four local chickens, one hundred tubers of yam, two hundred kola nuts, ten sticks of dry fish and thirty pots of Isiewu.
It was an abomination to carry Guniness stout, Star beer, champion beer,red wine, Hennessy, champagne, malt and Brew. But as instructed by the gods of the land, he added fifty jars of palm wine, ten liters of local gin and a keg of Combine.

When the sun was set, his brethren from the north, south, east and west gathered in the outer courtyard and celebrated him according to the tradition of his forefathers. Singing with a loud voice of joy: Nature Udoh you are worthy to be Awesome at the age of 45. And he rebuke them not because he hath paid his dues and deserve to be celebrated.

Happy birthday and Long live,
Obong Nature Udoh.

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