The Artist NiuWest and the journey so far.

Full name ; Nsikanabasi Udoukpong
Stage name NiuWest
Performing Artiste, Songwriter , Drone Pilot, Actor
Indigene of Oruk Anam LGA of Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria
Was born 23rd Dec,1995…
First sang at a high school graduation party…
Recorded first song 2011 which was a cover to Eminem’s “love the way you lie” ft Rihanna

The song rendered with breath taking vocals and a unique way of performance in student night shows

To rousy ovations became a hit on campus making him the students favourite. He is the new vibe in Uyo entertainment and one of the organisers of the ‘Brownies House Party’ brand rocking the party scene in the oil-rich city.
NiuWest describes his sound as Altè and he is one of the Ewet Housing cool kids called 085Alte.”Cool and melodious” are the words he uses to describe his music. ” I cannot really call it a particular genre, I just listen to the beat and allow it to communicate, i try to simplify the message as much as possible depending on the inspiration I get”
According to him , Senegalese legend Akon has a great influence on his style .
Currently , NiuWest is a self-styled 085Mafia signed to TheCommission the platform he dropped his latest single “Altè Love” . He is billed to release his debut Album “Niu Testament” next Month.
He has acted in movies like, ‘On The Beat’, ‘Case-19’ and done soundtracks for others like ‘Idara’ and ‘Both Ways’. He is the face of the new Alte movement in Africa.

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